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The following are clips of live and recorded worship, some photo snapshots, and samples of songs and playlist.
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Since closing Encounter Church, I have had the opportunity to lead worship in several different venues. From local pastors' meetings, an prelaunch gathering of new church plant, and even a church that meets in a theater.

Here is one clip from each venue. View more video clips on the YouTube playlist here.
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I am continuing to add audio clips of live worship and studio work.

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From 2008 to 2011, I led the effort to launch a new church in Helena, Montana. Encounter Church was focused on reaching the unconnected, dechurched, and unchurched. Our vision was to be something out of the ordinary allowing people to encounter God in a real and tangible way. Worship at Encounter could be described as authentic and edgy with a rock vibe.

To get a better feel of the edgy worship of Encounter Church, check out the song set below. These are recordings by the ORIGINAL ARTISTS and NOT the Encounter Band.
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View the Encounter Church YouTube Playlist